MPI Luxembourg Working Paper Series

ISSN 2309-0227

Working Paper Series 2016

The International Jurisdiction Of Spanish Courts In Cases Of Alleged Patent Infringement
Working Paper 2 (2016)
by María Aránzazu Gandía Sellens

Capital Markets and the Market for Judicial Decisions: In Search of Consistency
Working Paper 1 (2016)
by Matteo Gargantini

Working Paper Series 2015

Scoreboard - Judicial Evaluation as a New Governance Tool
Working Paper 2 (2015)
by Adriani Dori

Anti-suit injunctions in support of arbitration under the recast Brussels I Regulation
Working Paper 1 (2015)
by Pietro Ortolani

Working Paper Series 2013

The European Securities and Markets Authority: Accountability towards EU Institutions and Stakeholders
Working Paper 2 (2013)
Wharton Financial Institutions Center Working Paper #13-31MPILux
by Carmine Di Noia and Matteo Gargantini

U.S. Jurisdiction in Products-Liability in the Wake of McIntyre: An Impending Dam on the Stream-of-Commerce Doctrine?
Working Paper 1 (2013)
by Cristina M. Mariottini