Online Questionnaire

The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, heading an international consortium, is undertaking a European Commission-funded Study (JUST/2014/RCON/PR/CIVI/0082) on the laws of national civil procedure of the 28 Member States and the enforcement of European Union law.

The Study has two strands: the first deals with the impact of national civil procedure on mutual trust and the free circulation of judgements within the 28 Member States of the EU and the second deals with the impact of national civil procedure on the enforcement of consumer rights derived from EU law.

The Consortium has conducted an online questionnaire aimed at gathering information, opinions and experiences from all relevant stakeholders. The online questionnaire is currently closed. However, if you would like to share your experiences and opinions, your contribution is welcome: please contact Dr Stephanie Law ( and Pietro Ortolani ( to request further information and/or arrange an interview.