Since its establishment, the young Library of MPI Luxembourg has promoted the acquisition of book donations to build its research and special collections and increase the quality of its documentary heritage. The Library appreciates highly the generosity of its donors to enhance the research needs of the Institute. Donors, who have significant books that would be appropriate for the research scope of the Institute, should contact one of the library curators or, for general inquiries, please contact

Information about our major donations can be found through the links below:

Prof. Giuseppe Tarzia

The personal library of Giuseppe Tarzia (1930-2005), late professor of civil procedural law at the University of Milan, was acquired by The MPI Luxembourg in October 2013, donated by Prof. Tarzia’s widow, Mrs Roselisa Rampi De Marco. The collection holds around 4500 titles and particularly covers the fields of Italian and European procedural law, including first editions and copies in fine bindings. (more information…)

Prof. Adriano De Cupis

The personal library of Adriano De Cupis (1914-2005), late professor of civil law at Sapienza University, was acquired by the MPI Luxembourg in September 2014, thanks to the generosity of prof. De Cupis’ daughters with the support of prof. Avv. Bruno Sassani. The library holds more than 3500 titles, especially covering Italian and European civil law, civil procedural law and private international law, with rare and historical items. (more information…)

Prof. Catherine Kessedjian

Prof. Catherine Kessedjian, professor at Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II and President of the International Law Association-French Branch, has donated part of her personal library to the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg. This donation holds 466 books and 25 journals (1784 issues and 89 bound volumes, including "La Gazette du Palais" since 1943 until 1999). (more information...)

Law Faculty of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

The Law Faculty of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid has donated 151 volumes to the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg. The donation holds 97 volumes of yearbooks (Annuaire de l'Institut de droit international; Spanish Yearbook of International Law; Actes et documents de la Conference de la Haye de Droit International Privé) and 113 issues (54 volumes) of the Journal "Revista Española de Derecho Internacional" in a range of years that goes since 1948 to 2010. (more information...)

Avvocato Gian Domenico Spota

Gian Domenico Spota generously donated part of his library to The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg in October 2015, enriching the Library with a wide range of books and journals. Former member of the Legal departments of the World Bank and of the European Investment Bank, Avvocato Gian Domenico Spota donated a collection, in Italian and English, composed of more than 250 books and 90 journal volumes namely first year issues of “Il Foro italiano” and “Diritto del commercio internazionale” which thoroughly integrate our  previous acquisitions (more information...)

Prof. Erik Jayme

Prof. Erik Jayme, Director emeritus at the University of Heidelberg has generously donated a collection to the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg in July 2013. Furthermore in 2014, Prof. Jayme donated 52 titles of the "Studien zum vergleichenden und internationalen Recht / Comparative and International Law Studies" Series. The donation also comprises 275 journal issues and 92 monographs relating to civil law, private international law and comparative law studies. (more information...)

Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE) Luxembourg donated to the MPI Luxembourg Library around 300 books, including 21 rare publications, on the 6th of December 2016. This has been possible thanks to the cooperation of both Mme Louise Åkerblom for the MAEE and the Luxembourg association of librarians, archivists and documentalists (ALBAD) who facilitated the contact with the Ministry through their newsletter. Those volumes enrich our collection of documents relating to international relations, public international law, but also private law and legal history.

Bookshop Promoculture

Maggy Fantini, owner of the bookshop Promoculture, generously donated  in October 2016 254 volumes of the European Court of Human Rights. The donation consists of the ECHR “Reports of Judgments and Decisions” starting from 1962 to 2004. Promoculture exists in Luxemburg since 1972 and aimed at becoming a prominent technical and scientific bookshop combined with a publishing house. Mrs. Fantini took over the bookshop in December 2012 and committed to follow the same path and to specialize in international and Luxemburgish law books, marketing and management, IT, scientific, medical, architectural and engineering.