The library is happy to announce that library users now have access to eBook versions of selected titles from Bruylant and Promoculture-Larcier on the Strada lex Europe platform. The arrangement with Strada lex Europe allows the library to activate certain titles from the print collection as eBooks. The number of eBooks currently available on the platform to library users is 295 but will increase in the coming days as the librarians continue to activate books from the print collection as well as add new acquisitions.

You can access Strada lex Europe through MPI Library Discovery or by visiting

Strada lex Europe requires a user name and password you can find these in the Database section of the eKeys file on the Research Library Share.

If you have a book checked out that includes a Strada lex activation code, but that you don’t find on the Strada lex Europe platform, please email the code to and if it’s included in the Strada lex Europe eBook package, the librarians will activate the eBook version for you.

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