External users

Rules for External Users 

a) Admission to the Library  

Access to the Library is granted by the library administration to persons with a research purpose. External users are required to apply to the Library by filling in the online registration form. By submitting this form the user acknowledges the Library rules. 

The user’s personal data is stored electronically in accordance with the legal data protection regula­tions and is processed only internally for the rele­vant purposes. By submitting an application for permission to use the Library each user agrees to the collection, processing and storage of these data.  

After obtaining the Library’s authorization, external users can present themselves at the Library Reference Desk at the 3rd floor.  

b) Using the Library  

The Library is open to the external users from Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 18:00. External user must register each visit to the Library in the Visitors’ book, however this is only required once a day.  

External users may consult the Library materials but cannot borrow items. 

c) Scanning  

External users may use book scanners located in the Library.

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