Guests of the Institute

Rules for Guests of the Institute

a) Key Entitlements

Guests of the Institute are allowed to use the Library outside the normal opening hours. Guests are not permitted to lend their access card to unauthorized persons or allow unauthorized persons to gain access to library materials or the Institute.

b) Workplace

Guests will be allocated a workplace in the reading room and should keep their borrowed items on it.

c) Borrowing items

Guests are obliged to register the library materials onto their library account immediately using the self-check terminals. Guests can have up to 15 books on regular loan at one time. The normal loan period is 1 month and is renewable, provided there are no reservation requests pending.

When absent for more than 2 weeks guests should return their books to the Library before they leave the Institute.

When leaving the Institute, a check out procedure will require guests to return all library items.

d) Photocopying / Scanning

There are freely available photocopiers for the guests of the Institute on every floor of the Institute building. Book scanners are located in the Library.

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