Library rules

The primary mission of the Library is to assist the academic research of the Institute by providing quality information with modern technical means and user-centered approach.

The Library is available to the following three categories of library users: 

  • Members of the Institute
  • Guests of the Institute - scholars from throughout the world who are conducting research in the fields of study of the Institute
  • External users – scholars, post-doctoral, doctoral and master students of the University of Luxembourg and other academic institutions, staff of the European institutions and international organizations

The Library is located on the 3rd floor of the Institute and is open from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00.

General Provisions

The Library is a reference library. The borrowing or removal of library materials outside of the Institute is not permitted.

In the interest of all users, readers are asked to observe silence and to adopt a respectful behavior to other users and staff. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, eat or drink in the Library premises, and to carry objects that may disturb the tranquility of users. Food, bags and overcoats are not allowed in the Library. They should be stored in the Library lockers next to the Library entrance. The supervisor of the Library is entitled to ask a user to show his or her bag when leaving the Institute.

All library users can use the electronic resources of the Library – online databases, electronic journals, eBooks, CD ROMs, etc.

All library users can use the interlibrary loan services of the Library, except for the external users.

Library materials must be handled carefully. Marks and annotations are strictly prohibited. Any damage should be reported to the Library Reference Desk immediately.

Any book or other library material that is lost or damaged should be replaced by the user responsible for it. If an identical replacement cannot be secured by the user, he/she must bear the costs of the replacement.

A library card, integrated in the Institute’s access card which is issued to members and guests of the Institute, enables the usage of self-check terminals. OPAC login functionality is available for Institute’s members only.  

Current journal issues and books marked with “Library Use Only” cannot be borrowed. They can be taken out only for the time necessary to photocopy some articles from them. Users should inform the Reference Desk librarian about it and return the issue / volume immediately after finishing the photocopying. Festschriften and other books marked with a red dot as well as bound journal volumes from the last 5 years are available for a short loan period (3 days).

Only documents belonging to the Library may be photocopied or scanned. Users making copies of works must comply with copyright legislation, which stipulates that documents may only be copied for personal use (for educational needs or scientific research) and for non-commercial (non-profit) purposes, and that only extracts of documents may be copied, not entire books or issues of periodicals.

The Library welcomes book donations and is also grateful of acknowledgements in authors’ work.

Update: 13.10.2015

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