BrowZine - A New Journal Shelf?

7 June 2019

Free Trial until End of June 2019


We are pleased to announce a free trial to BrowZine during the month of June. This tool offers our users another way to browse 275 electronic law journals. 

Mobile BrowZine applications for both iOS and Android mobile phones are available.  You must first access BrowZine via an MPI internet connection on any device you wish to use with the service.  Connecting via an MPI internet connection is required in order to assign a “home” library to the device, ensuring that you will see only titles to which our library has access.

Please visit our BrowZine instance in a web browser here:  If you download the mobile app, you will be prompted to choose your institution and then, as noted above, prompted that you must connect first from the institute’s wireless network.  You are also able to create a BrowZine account to which specific journals can be added.  This account is not managed by the MPI library.  If interested, please find a BrowZine Introduction video here: Staying Current with BrowZine

For any questions, please feel free to contact us. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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