Civil courts coping with Covid-19 / edited by Bart Krans and Anna Nylund

26 July 2021

2021 Book of the Week #30


Eleven Publishing, 2021

C 281.3 Kra 2021

Also accessible online as Open Access publication

The unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic has propelled, and continues to propel, unprecedented transformations to civil proceedings and the landscape in which they operate. Courts have proven to be creative and innovative in their responses to the pandemic, and in their ability to implement digitisation of paperwork and remote hearings. This book contains a comparative study of how courts in 23 countries have coped with the pandemic, addressing selected innovations and adaptations to court proceedings, factors facilitating and impeding the digital leap, and new concerns that new technology and the pandemic engenders. The authors discuss the implications of digitisation, such as ensuring equal access to courts, novel issues concerning fair trial rights in remote proceedings, the role of alternative dispute resolution during the pandemic, and the roots of resistance to digitisation. Several contributions also address whether and how innovations during the pandemic may transform civil litigation in the future.

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