Approaches to Procedural Law. The Pluralism of Methods (new book)

18 January 2018

The present book is the final outcome of the Post-Doctoral Summer School that the MPI Luxembourg co-organised with the International Association of Procedural Law in 2016. It gathers the contributions of the participating students and law professors coming from different jurisdictions.

In order to guarantee that research in the field of procedural law maintains its comprehensive explanatory power, it is of particular importance to reflect on the methods which should be adopted when undertaking a research project. It is crucial for young researchers to have a clear vision not only of the “what” but also, and above all, of the “how” of legal research. Looking at the current landscape of research in the field, a wide array of methods can potentially be used. Comparison, inter-disciplinary approaches and quantitative and qualitative empirical analysis are only some of the lenses through which young scholars can scrutinise the reality of the process.

The 2016 MPI-IAPL Summer School aimed at providing its participants with an enhanced awareness of the reflection process. Organised by the International Association of Procedural Law and the Max Planck Institute for Procedural Law, the school offered to young researchers specialising in procedural law an opportunity to discuss their current research topics with fellow colleagues and law professors. Different continents, different perspectives, different experiences and approaches formed the ingredients of this successful second Post-Doctoral Summer School.

The present book gathers the contributions of these young post-doc, and those of the Professors who shared with them the experience.

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This year’s edition of the Summer School will take place in Luxembourg between 1 and 4 July 2018, and will explore the topic of “Privatising Dispute Resolution and its Limits”. The call for applications will remain open until 29 January. Please click here to find more information and/or submit your application.