Professor Burkhard Hess elected Associé à l’Institut de Droit International

30 August 2019

On 26 August 2019, the members of the Institut de Droit International elected Professor Burkhard Hess as Associate to the Institute at its 79th session at The Hague. Becoming an associate (and – later on – a member) of the Institut de Droit International is one of the most prestigious distinctions for scholars specializing in private and/or public international law. The election of Professor Hess demonstrates the visibility of the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg as an important academic research institution in international dispute resolution.

Founded in Ghent in 1873, the Institut de Droit International is a learned society with the purpose to promote the progress of international law and peace. To date the Institut counts almost 130 members among eminent academics and scholars of private and/or public international law from around the world. The Institute holds biennial sessions during which its members discuss and adopt reports, resolutions and declarations addressing the most salient problems of both private and public international law. The Institut was awarded the Nobel prize in 1904 for its promotion of international arbitration as a means of the peaceful settlement of disputes. It has a general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.