A core project of MPI Luxembourg funded by the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR)

4 November 2019

The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg is pleased to announce that one of its flagship projects ‘Comparative Procedural Law and Justice (CPLJ)’ has been granted substantial funding by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR). This is the first time a comprehensive scientific project from MPI Luxembourg will receive prominent financial support from FNR.

CPLJ is envisaged as a comparative and comprehensive study of civil procedural law and civil dispute resolution schemes in the contemporary world, with a view to highlighting workable approaches and to understanding procedural rules in their cultural context. Always from a global perspective, the project will take into account current developments in the field of comparative civil procedure (for instance, the influence of IT, the expansion of ADR, access to justice, collective litigation and the growing needs for transparency and independence of the justice systems). Specific attention will be paid to the cultural dimensions and the methodology of comparative civil procedural law.

The grant is part of the FNR 2019 OPEN programme. OPEN aims to support established researchers in Luxembourg that pursue innovative research projects of high scientific quality in emerging areas, such as comparative procedural law.

In order to identify the most worthy projects, the FNR submits proposals to independent international experts for assessment. The reviewers follow four selection criteria:

1) Innovativeness of idea and scientific relevance;
2) Appropriateness of the approach;
3) General feasibility of the project;
4) Expected outcome and impact of results.

Twelve proposals were submitted by various stakeholders in Luxembourg; four have been selected for funding.

The FNR is the main source of funding for research activities in Luxembourg. It aims to establish Luxembourg as a leading knowledge-based society through science, research and innovation, thereby contributing to the country’s economic diversification and future prosperity.

The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg thanks the FNR for its support and looks forward to using the grant to maximize the scientific outreach of the CPLJ project under the leadership of Professor Burkhard Hess.

More details: https://www.fnr.lu/results-2019-open-call/

More information on the OPEN programme: https://www.fnr.lu/funding-instruments/open/