New book published in the MPI Luxembourg Book Series: Protecting Privacy in Private International and Procedural Law and by Data Protection. European and American Developments

12 October 2015

Ensuring the effective right to privacy regarding the gathering and processing of personal data has become a key issue both in the internal market and in the international arena. The extent of one’s right to control their data, the implications of the 'right to be forgotten', the impact of the Court of Justice of the European Union’s decisions on personality rights, and recent defamation legislation are shaping a new understanding of data protection and the right to privacy. This book explores these issues with a view to assessing the status quo and prospective developments in this area of the law which is undergoing significant changes and reforms.Contents: Foreword, PEDRO CRUZ VILLALÓN; The Court of Justice of the EU Judgment on Data Protection and Internet Search Engines: Current Issues and Future Challenges, CHRISTOPHER KUNER; The CJEU Judgment in Google Spain: Notes on Its Causes and perspectives on Its Consequences, CRISTIAN ORO MARTINEZ; The CJEU’s Decision on the Data Retention Directive, MARTIN NETTESHEIM; The CJEU’s decision on the Data Retention Directive: Transnational Aspects and the Push for Harmonisation - A Comment on Professor Martin Nettesheim, GEORGIOS DIMITROPOULOS; The Protection of Privacy in the Case Law of the CJEU, BURKHARD HESS; Freedom of Speech and Foreign Defamation Judgments: From New York Times v Sullivan via Ehrenfeld to the 2010 SPEECH Act, CRISTINA M MARIOTTINI; Annexes; Index.

Further information is available here (English) and here (German).