Personal library of Professor Giuseppe Tarzia donated to the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg

17 October 2013

The personal library of Giuseppe Tarzia, late Professor of civil procedural law at the University of Milan, was delivered to the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg. The library was generously donated by Professor Tarzia's widow, Mrs. Roselisa Rampi De Marco.

The library holds more than 4500 titles and particularly covers the fields of Italian and European Procedural Law.

The Max Planck Institute will preserve the integrity of this impressive personal collection which vividly reflects Professor Tarzia’s academic interests and extraordinary professional career by creating a special section in its library dedicated to the memory of Professor Giuseppe Tarzia. In order to inaugurate this important extension of the library and to express its gratitude for the donation, the Institute will host a symposium in honour of Professor Giuseppe Tarzia, to be held in 2014.

The Max Planck Institute is grateful to Prof. Avv. Achille Saletti and Prof. Avv. Mariacarla Giorgetti for their support and assistance in setting up the personal collection of Professor Guiseppe Tarzia in Luxembourg.

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