Personal library of Professor Jacques Van Compernolle donated to the MPI Luxembourg

31 January 2020

Jacques Van Compernolle, Professor emeritus of the Catholic University of Louvain and renowned scholar of all aspects of procedural law, has generously donated more than 400 monographs and 300 periodicals to the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg Library. These precious contributions will greatly enrich the library’s collection, particularly in the areas of European civil law and civil procedural law.

Jacques Van Compernolle is a renowned scholar of all aspects of procedural law:  institutions, civil procedure, provisional seizures and enforcement, insolvency proceedings, arbitration, and European procedural law.  As described by Professor Van Compernolle, his library contains many classic works of civil procedure as well as some very specialized volumes about general theory of justice and the philosophy of law. 

The collection is up to date and has a double dimension, consisting at the same time of positive law books and theoretical reflections on justice, both on a national and an international level.  Some of Professor Van Compernolle’s publications are the result of a fruitful collaboration as part of a comparative law research group from Belgium, France, Germany and Italy, namely with his longtime friend and colleague, the late Professor Giuseppe Tarzia.