24 October 2019
25 October 2019

EUFam’s II: International Exchange Seminar

14 October 2019

“The New Litigation Landscape – International Commercial Courts and the Coordination of Crossborder Proceedings”

12 September 2019
14 September 2019

Launch of the Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Procedural Law
“Sovereignty: A concept in flux?” ESIL Conference, Athens

External event

8 July 2019

“The Protection of Privacy in Interconnected Digital Environments”

The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law is pleased to host the third conference organized in the framework of the ILA Committee on the Protection of Privacy in Private International and Procedural Law, chaired by Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Burkhard Hess. After having tackled, in 2014, the shaping of a new understanding of the right to...

21 May 2019
22 May 2019

“Enforcement challenges in multi-level regulatory systems”

This conference is organised in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg

14:00 /  3 April 2019

La protection des citoyens européens dans le monde ultra-connecté

La conférence sera organisée en collaboration avec la Fondation Robert Schuman.

17:00 / 28 March 2019


mit Kurt Beck, Vorsitzender der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, ehem. Ministerpräsident von Rheinland-Pfalz und Jean Asselborn, Minister für auswärtige und europäische Angelegenheiten, Minister für Immigration und Asyl
Moderation: Christophe Langenbrink, Luxemburger Wort
Die Veranstaltung findet in Kooperation mit der Botschaft der Bundesrepublik...