7 July 2022
Max Planck Lecture Series

Max Planck Lecture Series, Alumni Program, by Dr Stephanie Law

Consumer protection law and consumer markets are increasingly forced to reckon with a multiplicity of challenges arising in new domains that extend beyond private law, strictly speaking, to the realm of public ordering. Confronted with novel challenges stemming from the urgency of sustainability and the environmental protection concerns of private...

21 June 2021
Max Planck Lecture Series

Crippling Compensation in the Law of State Responsibility

Lecturer: Prof. Martins Paparinskis

6 May 2021
Max Planck Lecture Series

Rightful Relations with Distant Strangers: Kant, the EU, and the Wider World

Lecturer: Dr Aravind Ganesh

16:00 / 12 February 2020
Max Planck Lecture Series

Future generations: how much margin for institutional design?

Lecturer: Prof. Axel Gosseries
(FNRS – UCL – National Fund for Scientific Research)

22 January 2020
Max Planck Lecture Series

Working methods of the European Parliament Administration in multi-actors World. A case study.

Lecturer: Prof. Giancarlo Vilella (Director General for Innovation and Technological Support at the European Parliament)

14:00 / 10 July 2019
Max Planck Lecture Series

“Procedural law reforms in Latin America. Argentina as a paradigmatic case.”

Lecturer: Prof. Eduardo Oteiza (La Plata National University, Argentina)

16:00 / 20 June 2019
Max Planck Lecture Series

“The Clash Between International Investment Law and the Autonomy of The EU Legal Order”