EU Commission Study on the Impact of National Civil Procedure – Meeting of the Consortium and National Reporters

13 June 2016

In the framework of the EU Commission Study on the impact of national civil procedure JUST/2014/RCON/PR/CIVI/0082, on 13 June 2016 the Max Planck Institute will host the Meeting of the Consortium and National Reporters working on the project.

The Study focuses on the influence of national civil procedure on the free circulation of judgments and the application of EU Consumer Law by the courts of EU Member States. To this end, during the first half of the research project, National Reporters in every EU Member State will gather and analyse empirical and legal data, concerning national procedures and practices. As a result of such preparatory research, each National Reporter will present a comprehensive Report, based on a uniform template.

During the event, the National Reporters and the Members of the Consortium undertaking the Study will assess and compare the contents of the Reports, so as to clarify the state of affairs in all EU Member State from both a legal and a statistical perspective.

The Study involves researchers from the Universities of Florence, Ghent, Heidelberg, Madrid (Complutense), Oxford, Paris (Sorbonne), Rotterdam, Uppsala, Vienna and Warsaw and National Reporters from all EU Member States.

The event is on invitation only; however, everybody with an interest in the topics covered by the Study is warmly invited to share experiences and opinions by taking the online questionnaire.

Max Planck Institute Luxembourg
Conference room, 4th floor
4, rue Alphonse Weicker
L-2721 Luxembourg

Contact person:
Martina Winkel; (+352) 26 94 88 923