"The ICJ as a Court of Cassation: Recent Developments“

Max Planck Lecture Series
16:00 / 18 November 2015

Speaker: Prof. Pasquale De Sena (Catholic University of Milan)

Pasquale De Sena (Phd in International Law: Florence, 1992) is a Professor of International Law since 2000-2001. He has taught International Law and International Human Rights Law in many Universities (Siena: 1992-1998; Palermo: 1998-2001; Naples "II": 2001-2004; Naples "Federico II": 2001-2011); he is a Professor of International Law and International Human Rights Law at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Milan since 2011.

His research interests range from general theory of international law, relationships among legal orders, international responsibility, state and state organs immunities, to human rights and their impact on international law.

His research project in Luxembourg concerns the complex interplay between the adversarial principle and some changing characters of rulings adopted by international tribunals or dispute settlement bodies.

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Max Planck Institute Luxemburg
Conference room, 4th floor
4, rue Alphonse Weicker
L-2721 Luxembourg

Contact person:
Sabrina Logrillo; (+352) 26 94 88 905; secretariat-prof.ruizfabri@mpi.lu

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