Professor Fernando Gasćon Inchausti

Complutense University of Madrid

Fernando Gascón-Inchausti is a full professor of procedural law at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).

He teaches civil and criminal procedure, both from a national and a European perspective. He has carried out research at the Max Planck Institutes of Hamburg and Freiburg, as well as at the Universities of Florence, Berlin (Humboldt), California (Berkeley) and Maastricht.
He serves currently as Executive Secretary General of the International Association of Procedural Law and as General Assistant Editor of the International Journal of Procedural Law.
He is focused in studying cross-border litigation and the developments of civil procedure harmonization within the European Union, the topic that will concentrate his research at the MPI Luxembourg, with a special focus on the way confidential information should be treated in the framework of civil procedure.