Professor Linda Silberman

New York University

Professor Silberman is the Clarence D. Ashley Professor of Law at New York University School of Law and the Co-Director of the NYU Center on Transnational Litigation and Arbitration. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Law School, and following graduation, a Fulbright Scholar in London, England. She joined the NYU faculty in 1971 and became the first tenured woman full-professor at the School. Professor Silberman teaches and writes in the areas of Conflict of Laws, Civil Procedure, Comparative Civil Procedure, Transnational Litigation, International Commercial Arbitration, and International Family Law. Prior to joining the NYU faculty, Professor Silberman practiced law with the Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal law firm (now Dentont's) in Chicago, Illinois. In 1985-86, she was Professor in Residence at the U.S. Department of Justice. She has held Visiting Professorships at Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania Law Schools. Professor Silberman has been a member of numerous U.S. State Department delegations to the Hague Conference on Private International Law and is presently a member of the State Department Advisory Committee on Private International Law. She is also a member of the Singapore Family Justice Courts International Advisory Council, a member of the Academic Council of the Institute of Transnational Arbitration, a board member of the Institute of Judicial Administration, and a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. She is the 2018 recipient of the "Leonard J Theberge Award for Private International Law" given by the ABA Section of International Law for outstanding service in the field of International Law. Professor Silberman has been invited to give the General Course on Private International Law at the Hague Academy of International Law in 2020.

Professor Silberman is co-author of a leading Civil Procedure casebook (Silberman, Stein & Wolff), now in its 5th edition, as well as a book on comparative civil procedure, Civil Litigation in Comparative Context (2d edition forthcoming 2017). Silberman has played an important role at the American Law Institute (ALI), serving as an Adviser on three different projects: The Restatement Third of the US Law of International Commercial Arbitration, the Restatement Fourth of the Foreign Relations Law of the US, and the Restatement Third of Conflict of Laws. Previously, she was co-Reporter of a recently completed project of the American Law Institute – Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments: Analysis and Proposed Federal Statute, and she has testified in Congress on judgment recognition on several occasions. In Spring 2014, Silberman was Distinguished Research Scholar at Queen Mary University in Centre for Commercial Law, and she is an Honorary Professor in the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University of London (2017-2020). She has been the scholar-in-residence at WilmerHale in London in Fall 2009 and again in Spring 2017. Her scholarship covers a wide variety of domestic and transnational subject areas in conflict of laws, domestic and comparative procedure, transnational litigation, in particular judicial jurisdiction and judgment recognition, class actions, international arbitration, and international child abduction. A sampling of her recent articles in various fields includes: “Daimler and Bristol-Myers: What’s Next for Personal Judicial in the United States? in US Litigation Today (Schulthess 2018); “The Transnational Case in Conflict of Laws: Two Suggestions for the New Restatement Third of Conflict of Laws--Judicial Jurisdiction over Foreign Defendants and Party Autonomy in International Contracts”, (with Nathan D. Yaffe), 27 Duke J. Comp. L. 405 (2017); “Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Awards: What Hath Daimler Wrought?” 91 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 344 (2016)(with Aaron Simowitz); “The End of Another Era: Reflections on Daimler and Its Implications for Judicial Jurisdiction in the United States,” 19 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 675 (2015); “Limits to Party Autonomy at the Post-Award Stage,” in Limits to Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration (Juris 2016)(with Maxi Scherer); “United States Supreme Court Hague Abduction Decisions: Developing a Global Jurisprudence,” 9 J. Comp. L. 49 (2014); ); “The Need for a Federal Statutory Approach to the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign County Judgments,” 26th Sokol Colloquium (2014); “Civil Procedure Meets International Arbitration: A Tribute to Hans Smit,” 23 Am Rev. Int. Arb. 439 (2012); “Goodyear and Nicastro: Observations from a Transnational and Comparative Perspective,” 63 S.Ct. L. Rev. 591 (2011); “Morrison v. National Australia Bank: Implications for Global Securities Class Actions,” 12 YB. Priv. Int. L. (2011 “The Role of Choice-of-Law in National Class Actions,” 156 U. Pa. L. Rev. 2001 (2008).