Björn Laukemann

Björn Laukemann


Björn Laukemann is a Senior Research Fellow and Habilitand (supervised by Prof. Burkhard Hess).

Björn Laukemann graduated from the University of Tübingen (Germany) and holds a Maîtrise en Droit (Aix-en-Provence). He completed his bar exam at the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart and obtained a Ph.D. (summa cum laude, Serick Award 2009) from the University of Heidelberg for a dissertation on comparative insolvency law. Before joining the Institute, Björn Laukemann worked as lecturer and Senior Research Fellow (Akademischer Rat a.Z.) of Professor Burkhard Hess at the Institute for Foreign and International Private and Economic Law (University of Heidelberg). Recently, he has been involved in the evaluation of EU legislative acts (inter alia the European Insolvency Regulation conducted on behalf of the EU Commission). In spring 2013, he was a visiting scholar participating in the project on the ‘Foundations on Private Law’ at the Harvard Law School. In October 2013, Björn Laukemann was awarded a lectureship for International and European procedural law as well as for Insolvency Law by the University of Trier. He was invited by the American Law Institute to serve as a member of the International Advisory Panel for a Restatement of the Law Fourth, Property (8/2015). His research interests include procedural and comparative law, European and German insolvency law as well as property and general civil law.

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