Lily Martinet

Lily Martinet


Lily Martinet is a Senior Research Fellow.

Lily completed a Ph.D. in international law at the Sorbonne Law School in 2017. Her Ph.D. dissertation focused on traditional cultural expressions in international law. Before joining the MPI, Lily was a postdoctoral research fellow at l’Institut des Sciences Sociales du Politique (ENS Paris Saclay, Université Nanterre, CNRS). As a postdoctoral fellow, she was responsible for coordinating the Osmose Program, a comparative study of national experiences in relation to intangible cultural heritage law. Lily has also worked on the implementation of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, in 2013, for the French Ministry of Culture and, in 2017, for the French National Commission for UNESCO. In 2014, she was admitted to the French bar. In 2011, she earned a master’s degree in International Economic Governance from the Sorbonne Law School and Columbia University.

Her main research interests include international intellectual property law, international cultural heritage law, WTO law, indigenous law, legal pluralism, and international human rights law.

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