Enforcement of claims in civil and commercial matters within the EU


France and Luxembourg National Exchange Seminar

Friday, 24 September 2021 [online]

This Seminar is organised in the framework of the EFFORTS research project ("Towards more EFfective enFORcemenT of claimS in civil and commercial matters within the EU”). Funded by the Civil Justice Programme of the European Commission, this project (JUST-JCOO-AG-2019-881802) tackles the Brussels Ibis Regulation and the regulations on the European Enforcement Order, the European Small Claims Procedure, the European Payment Order, and the European Account Preservation Order. The project investigates in particular the implementation of these regulations in the national procedural law of Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and Luxembourg. The project is carried out by a European consortium (the MPI Luxembourg and the Universities of Milan (coord.), the University of Heidelberg, the Free University of Brussels, the University of Zagreb, and the University of Vilnius), and is coordinated by Prof. Francesca Villata, from the University of Milan.

The upcoming National Exchange Seminar will address the implementation and the application of the above-mentioned regulations in Luxembourg and France and will bring together people from academia, the judiciary, practitioners, and policy-makers.

Please note that, due to the current state of the pandemic, the Seminar will take place online via Zoom.

Presentations will be given by Mr. Marco Buzzoni and Dr Veerle Van Den Eeckhout, both members of the MPI Luxembourg EFFORTS team, as well as by Mr. Giovanni Chiapponi and by Mr. Carlos Santaló Goris, both Research Fellows at the MPI Luxembourg.

Presentations will be followed by Roundtables with interventions of several experts: Prof. Corinne Bléry, Mr. Carlos Calvo, Prof. Gilles Cuniberti, Mr. Patrick Gielen, Ms. Julie Jasson, Ms. Tania Jewczuk, Mr. Max Mailliet, Ms. Clara Mara-Marhuenda, Mr. Grégory Minne, Ms. Iva Peni-Trouillas, and Dr Aurélien Raccah.

Prof. Burkhard Hess, Prof. Rudy Laher, Prof. Séverine Menetrey, Dr Cristina M. Mariottini and Dr Vincent Richard will chair Sessions.

Registration is mandatory in order to attend this event. If you wish to register, please send an email including your full name, title and affiliation to secretariat-prof.hess@mpi.lu at the latest on Sunday, 19 September 2021.

Please note that the event will be recorded. By joining the Seminar, you consent to the recording. Chatham House Rule applies.


France and Luxembourg EFFORTS National Exchange Seminar



09.30  Welcome and Introduction

    Prof. Burkhard Hess (Director, MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)


Part I: An Overview of the Current Implementation Status


09.35  The EFFORTS Regulations in France and Luxembourg

    Chaired by: Prof. Burkhard Hess, Director, MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law


    Presentation of the EFFORTS Project

    - Dr Veerle Van Den Eeckhout (Senior Research Fellow, MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)

    - Mr. Marco Buzzoni (Research Fellow, MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)


    National Implementation Strategies

    - Ms. Tania Jewczuk (Head of the Department of Judicial Cooperation, European and Private International Law, French     Ministry of Justice, France)




Part II: Specific Issues Arising Under the Efforts Regulations


10.15  The Brussels I bis and the EEO Regulations

    Chaired by: Prof. Rudy Laher, Full Professor, University of Limoges, France


    “Free Circulation of Default Judgments and Right to a Fair Trial: Comparison Between Art. 45 Brussels I bis and Art. 19     EEO”

    Mr. Giovanni Chiapponi (Research Fellow, MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)



    - Ms. Iva Peni-Trouillas (Legal advisor at the French National Chamber of Bailiffs and the European Bailiff’s          Foundation, France)

    - Mr. Patrick Gielen (Judicial Officer, Advisor to the President UIHJ, Belgium) Discussion/debate


11.00  Short Break


11.05  The EPO and ESCP Regulations

    Chaired by: Prof. Séverine Menetrey (Full Professor, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)



    - Mr. Max Mailliet (Lawyer, Law Firm Max Mailliet, Luxembourg)

    - Ms. Julie Jasson (Senior Lawyer, European Consumer Centre Luxembourg, Luxembourg) Discussion/debate 2 of 2


11.45  The EAPO Regulation

    Chaired by: Dr Cristina M. Mariottini (Senior Research Fellow, MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)


    “The Application of the EAPO Regulation in Luxembourg: A View Through the Lens of the Courts’ and Practitioners’     Experience”

    Mr. Carlos Santaló Goris (Research Fellow, MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)



    - Mr. Grégory Minne (Lawyer, Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg)

    - Ms. Clara Mara-Marhuenda (Lawyer, Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg)

    - Mr. Carlos Calvo (President, National Chamber of judicial officers in Luxembourg)




12.30  Lunch Break


Part III: Overarching Questions Regarding the Targeted Regulations


13.00  Cross-Cutting Issues Relevant to Cross-Border Enforcement of Claims Within the EU

    Chaired by: Dr Vincent Richard (Lawyer, Wurth Kinsch Olinger)



    - Prof. Corinne Bléry (Full Professor, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, Valenciennes, France)

    - Prof. Gilles Cuniberti (Full Professor, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

    - Dr Aurélien Raccah (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law – Catholic University of Lille/Lawyer at ELEA AVOCAT – Paris, France)




13.55  Conclusions 

    - Dr Veerle Van Den Eeckhout (Senior Research Fellow, MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)


14.00  End of the Seminar

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