Max Planck Lecture Series

Wednesday, 12 February 2020, 16:00

“Future generations: how much margin for institutional design?”



Prof. Axel Gosseries
(FNRS – UCL – National Fund for Scientific Research)

Axel Gosseries is a FNRS Research Professor (Maitre de recherches) and a Professeur extraordinaire at Louvain. He is also a Franz Weyr Fellow of the Czech Academy of Science (CELAPA, 2015-19) and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Institute for Future Studies (Stockholm, 2016-). He holds degrees in Law (St. Louis and Louvain), Environmental Law (LL.M., 1996, School of Oriental and African Studies) and Philosophy (Ph.D., 2000, Louvain, Dopp Prize 2001). He works in the field of political philosophy and economic and social ethics, with a special focus on issues of intergenerational justice (justice between birth cohorts, age discrimination, historical injustice…) and on the political philosophy of the firm. He also has specific interests in the political philosophy of information, in the ethical dimensions of tradable quotas schemes and in ethical issues in agriculture.

He has published one book on intergenerational justice (2004, Aubier) and edited four volumes including Institutions for Future Generations (2016, OUP, with I. Gonzalez Ricoy) and Intergenerational justice (2009, OUP, with L. Meyer). His papers have appeared in a variety of journals in Philosophy (J. of Political Philosophy; Politics, Philosophy and Economics; Canadian J. of Philosophy; Economics & Philosophy…) Economics (J. of Environmental Econ. & Management, International Economic Review…) and Law (RGAR, JTT, Loyola of Los Angeles L. R.; NYU Environmental Law J.).
At Louvain, he teaches in several faculties. He also supervises M.A. and Ph.D students in Philosophy, Law, Management, etc. He has taught abroad for short periods at more than fifteen universities, including Minho (Braga), Di Tella (Buenos Aires), UCU (Montevideo), UFF (Niteroi), Jagiellonian (Krakow), UNIBUC (Bucharest), TSU (Tbilissi), YSU (Yerevan), CEU (Budapest), Bern (Switzerland).
At Louvain, he has had a variety of responsibilities over the years. He currently heads the Hoover Chair (2016-2021) and the Bernheim Project “Social Responsibility in Economic Life” (2007-2018). He is also the Vice-Chair of the School of Philosophy (since 2015).

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