26 April 2018
30 April 2018

EU law and investment arbitration: a dialogue between legal orders

(closed event)
Co-organised with the International Arbitration Institute, the conference will take place in Kavala, Greece.

16:00 /  6 June 2018
Max Planck Lecture Series

20 years of the Rome Statute

Lecturer: Judge Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi (Former President of the International Criminal Court)

8 June 2018

2nd Workshop IC2BE Project

(closed event)

15 June 2018

Liber amicorum for Professor Dr. Christian Kohler

(closed event)

1 July 2018
4 July 2018
IAPL-MPI Summer School

Privatizing Dispute Resolution and Its Limits

(closed event)

19 July 2018

Harmonization of Civil Procedure in the EU: How Far Can We Go?

(closed event)

26 September 2018
28 September 2018

The 50th Anniversary of the European Law of Civil Procedure

(closed event)

30 September 2018
3 October 2018

The 37th Annual Course of the International Association of Law Libraries

“Law in Luxembourg – Where Local Tradition Meets European and International Innovation”

5 October 2018

IOSCO and the new international financial architecture

What role for IOSCO in the development and implementation of cross-border regulation and equivalence?
(organised in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg)

8 November 2018
9 November 2018

Sociological Perspectives on International Tribunals: Formal and Informal Rules, Functions and Symbols in the Practice of International Tribunals

The workshop will focus on sociological aspects of practices by international tribunals. Speakers will discuss diverse socio-cultural issues involved in the operation and impact of international tribunals as: the interactions between formal procedural rules and informal norms; the formal and social functions of tribunals; the symbolic aspects of...

22 November 2018
23 November 2018


(closed event)