10 September 2020

“Biases and International Adjudication”

Annual Meeting 2020 of the Interest Group on International Courts and Tribunals (IGICT - ESIL)

27 July 2020
30 July 2020

4th IAPL Summer School

More information will follow soon
(closed event)

16:30 /  2 July 2020

Draft Code of Conduct for Adjudicators in Investor-State Dispute Settlement: Low-Hanging Fruit or Unreachable Goal?

11 March 2020

IAPL Presidium Meeting - ADJOURNED

(closed event)

16:00 / 12 February 2020
Max Planck Lecture Series

Future generations: how much margin for institutional design?

Lecturer: Prof. Axel Gosseries
(FNRS – UCL – National Fund for Scientific Research)

10 February 2020

International Courts and Tribunals and New Technologies

(closed event)

3 February 2020

Forum on Procedural Law of the CJEU 2020

The Forum of the CJEU Procedural Law is twofold. First, it intends to tackle cutting-edge procedural issues which arise in the Court's proceedings and case-law. Second, it aims at providing an update on procedural issues. It takes its name from the intention to have an open dialog among specialists of EU Law and Procedural Law and to foster...