Sociological Perspectives on International Tribunals: Formal and Informal Rules, Functions and Symbols in the Practice of International Tribunals

8 November 2018
9 November 2018

The workshop will focus on sociological aspects of practices by international tribunals. Speakers will discuss diverse socio-cultural issues involved in the operation and impact of international tribunals as: the interactions between formal procedural rules and informal norms; the formal and social functions of tribunals; the symbolic aspects of tribunals’ proceedings and their decisions; the legal cultures (national and international ones) of international adjudication; the socio-cultural factors influencing the diffusion of procedural rules across international tribunals; and the production of knowledge and cognitive aspects of the work of such tribunals.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Prof. Andrea Bianchi (The Graduate Institute Geneva)
  • Prof. Jeffrey Dunoff (Temple University)
  • Prof. Caroline Foster (University of Auckland)
  • Dr Edouard Fromageau (MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)
  • Prof. Lorenzo Gradoni (MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)
  • Dr Joshua Paine (MPI Luxembourg for Procedural Law)
  • Prof. Mark Pollack (Temple University)
  • Prof. Fiona Smith (University of Leeds)
  • Prof. Fuad Zarbiyev (The Graduate Institute Geneva)

Call for abstracts

In collaboration with:

  • Prof. Moshe Hirsch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Prof. Sungjoon Cho (IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law)
  • Prof. Ron Levi (University of Toronto)
  • Prof. Mikael Madsen (University of Copenhagen)
  • Prof. Andrew Lang (University of Edinburgh)