Implemented Ideas

1.    Organizing RSS feeds for law journals tables of contents with NetVibes

The MPI library has just launched a new service that offers alerts for 100 journals tables of contents (out of a total of 165) based on RSS feeds in two different prototypes, A-Z list & by subjects, available on the Library eResources Portal.

If you wish, we also invite you to compile your own RSS table of contents using a RSS reader. If you need some assistance, please ask Esther Sánchez Coro and she will guide you through the process.

2.   READ (Reference Effort Assessment Data) scale for academic references services

READ is a 6-point scale tool for recording qualitative statistics that will help to evaluate assistance provided by the library to its patrons, and hence ultimately improve service where necessary.

3.     Reference Management system for MPI (EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley, Citavi, RefWorks)

Which of these tools is most suitable to support the MPI researchers? A comparison can be found here.

4. Virtual keyboard for enabling search with non-Latin characters in OPAC.

Has been enabled in December 2016 (more...).

5. RSS feed on New Acquisitions

Our Library receives about 800 books every month. The list of those new acquisitions is updated live and is available in the OPAC. The new service, which has been enabled in June 2017, provides the possibility to subscribe to the RSS-Feed of New Acquisitions (more...).

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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