Interesting Links

  • Free Reference Management Systems


  • Digital Research Tools

DiRT Directory (registry of digital research tools for scholarly use)

  • Qualitative Comparative Analysis Tools

COMPASS (COMPArative Methods for Systematic cross-caSe analysis)

  • Law Dictionaries

Black's Law Dictionary, 10th edition 2014 (via WestlawNext - type Black's into the search box and select Black's Law Dictionary from the auto-suggestions)

  • Legal Citation Guides

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (Peter W. Martin, Cornell Law School)
Richtig zitieren - Jura (kostenloses Poster zu Literaturverzeichnis, Fußnoten und Klammern)
Ref-Lex - Guide de citation des références juridiques

  • Legal Abbreviations Guides

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations
Verzeichnis juristischer Abkürzungen (Verlag C.H.Beck)

  • Proofreading and plagiarism prevention tools (free for the Institute's researchers - contact the Library for registration instruction)


Translation tools

Free Online Document Translator

IATE (“Inter-Active Terminology for Europe”)

Mobile Application

Google Goggles (image recognition mobile app)
Web OPAC App (mobile access to public and academic libraries catalogues in Germany mostly)


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