Comparative Procedural Law and Justice
1st Workshop

Friday, 4 October 2019

On October 4th the first workshop of the five-year project Comparative Procedural Law and Justice (CPLJ) will be held at the MPI. The board of editors, Burkhard Hess, Margaret Woo and Loïc Cadiet, along with a panel of experts in procedural and comparative law, including Hazel Genn, Moon-hyuck Ho, Eduardo Oteiza, Maciej Szpunar, Remo Caponi and Stefan Huber - among others -  will discuss the structure and the methodology of the project.

The overall aim of CPLJ is to comprehensively explore and comparatively assess civil procedural law and dispute resolution schemes in the contemporary globalized world, in order to unveil best approaches, rules, standards and practices. It also aims at consolidating comparative procedural law as a self-standing research area.

Four overarching themes will establish the foundation of the project and entail macro- and micro-analysis of comparative procedural law. These themes correspond to the core issues of procedural law and adjudication. Notably, they will tackle: a) the unfolding of the proceedings (including enforcement); b) the organization and authority of the courts; c) the rule of law in civil procedure; and d) cultural divergence and convergence in civil litigation.

Prof. Enrique Vallines García coordinates the project together with a team of the Max Planck Institute.

This workshop is conceived as a closed event.