Capacity-Building Training ITLOS/NIPPON Foundation

Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law

Monday, 15 February, 13:30 – 17:30

Prof. Hélène Ruiz Fabri: The Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Procedural Law

(MPEiPro): A Flagship Project for the Department of International Law & Dispute Resolution'


Arpita Sachdeva and Dominik Ornig: 'Strategic Investments and Sovereign Debt Crises'


Carlos Bichet Nicoletti: 'Building a Restorative Justice Framework for International Criminal



Günes Ünüvar: 'Rules on Ethics and Qualifications of Arbitrators in Investment Arbitration?'


Tuesday, 16 February, 09:00 – 13:00

Dr Olivier Baillet and Ezgi Özlu: 'The Hegemonic Effect of Procedure: Case Studies from the

Strasbourg Court'


Ivan Cavdarevic and Bianca Nalbandian: 'The Power of Procedure in International Investor-

State Arbitration: Security for Costs'


Luis Angel López Zamora: 'Comments on the Advisory Opinion OC-26/20 of the Inter

-American Court of Human Rights (Denunciation of the American Convention on Human

Rights and the OAS Charter – Effects on the States)'


Trung Nguyen: 'Interim Arrangements Pending Maritime Delimitation: A Case Study of Viet Nam'


Wednesday, 17 February, 13:30 – 17:30

Ezéchiel Amani Cirimwami and Kritika Sharma: 'The Shaping Effects of Procedure at the

International Criminal Court: A Case Study'


Juliana Guerra and Tatiana Renno: 'Procedure and the International Court of Justice: The

Marshall Islands Case'


Somesh Dutta: 'Preliminary Proceedings: United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea'


Bin Zhao: 'How Procedure Shapes the Outcome of Merits: Procedural Perspective on

Unilateral Hydrocarbon Activities in the Disputed Area in Ghana/Côte d’Ivoire Case'