New volume in the MPI Luxembourg Book Series: The Rule of Law and Its Application to the United Nations / Clemens A. Feinäugle (ed.)

The rule of law applies to the United Nations and should guide all its activities. This is the key statement of Resolution 67/1 adopted by the General Assembly on 24 September 2012. As much as the Resolution seems to be a...

L’état d’urgence, rempart ou menace pour l’État de droit ?

24 May 2016
Round table organised by the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg
Afin de contribuer aux discussions actuelles relatives à la révision envisagée de l'art. 32 (4) de la Constitution luxembourgeoise en vue de l'introduction d'un...

IAPL-MPI Summer School 2016 was held in July 2016

The second edition of the IAPL-MPI Summer School, organised by the International Association of Procedural Law and the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, was held in July 2016.
Under the direction of Professor Loïc Cadiet (Université...

Max Planck Lecture Series: Prof. Dr. Erik Franckx gave a lecture titled 'Position papers' by non-participating parties in arbitral proceedings

On June 28th, 2016, Prof. Erik Franckx illustrated a new tendency in arbitrations conducted under Annex VII of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
In his lecture, Prof. Franckx addressed the use of 'position papers'...


16:00 / 14 September 2016
Max Planck Lecture Series

International Environmental Law and Community Interests: The Role of Procedure

Speaker: Prof. Jutta Brunnée (University of Toronto)

16:00 /  5 October 2016
Max Planck Lecture Series

The Law and Economics of Sovereign Debt and Default - Max Planck Lecture Series on Sovereign Debt

Lecturer: Prof. Ugo Panizza (The Graduate Institute Geneva)
Discussant: Prof. Pierre-Henri Conac (University of luxembourg)

7 October 2016

The Implementation of the New Insolvency Regulation – Improving Cooperation and Mutual Trust

The new Insolvency Regulation will enter into force in 2017. To facilitate the transition and to assess challenges and opportunities within the new instrument, the MPI Luxembourg, the University of...

16:00 / 26 October 2016
Max Planck Lecture Series

Sovereign Debt Restructuring and International Law - Max Planck Lecture Series on Sovereign Debt

Lecturer: Prof. Robert Howse (New York University)
Discussant: Dr Matthias Goldmann (Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and Goethe University Frankfurt)