The Reform of the Brussels Ibis Regulation

by Professor Dr. Dres. h.c. Burkhard Hess, David Althoff, Tess Bens, Niels Elsner, and Inga Järvekülg

MPILux Working Paper 2022 (6)

Please find the link to the SSRN version of the paper here:


This paper shall serve as a basis for an upcoming Academic Position Paper on the Reform of the Brussels Ibis Regulation organized in the framework of the EAPIL. It briefly describes manifold problems regarding the current application of the Regulation and formulates proposals for reform. Members of the Working Group are invited to express their opinion on the proposals. The reaction of the group members shall be made via a “SurveyMonkey” poll. Afterwards, an enlarged poll shall be organized within the EAPIL and, finally, an open one. The different stages (and the respective hyperlinks) will be announced on the EAPIL-Law Blog.

The Working Paper follows the structure of and summarizes the discussions held at the Conference on the Recast of the Brussels Ibis Regulation at the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg on 9 September 2022.


European Civil Procedural Law, Regulation 1215/2012, Brussels Ibis Regulation, Brussels Ibis Recast, Brussels Ibis Reform, Judicial Cooperation Post-Brexit, Third State Relationships, Cross-Border Collective Redress, Specific Jurisdiction Based on Contract and Tort, Forum Necessitatis, Recognition and Enforcement