New books published:
Luxembourg Reports on European Procedural Law
edited by Burkhard Hess, Stephanie Law & Pietro Ortolani

12 April 2019

The Max Planck Institute Luxembourg is pleased to announce the publication of the two volumes of the Luxembourg Report on European Procedural Law:

- B. Hess and P. Ortolani (eds.), The Luxembourg Report on European Procedural Law, Volume I: Impediments of National Procedural Law to the Free Movement of Judgments

- B. Hess and S. Law (eds.), The Luxembourg Report on European Procedural Law, Volume II: Implementing EU Consumer Rights by National Procedural Law

These two volumes present a comparative examination and empirical evaluation of national procedural rules and practices as regards mutual trust and the free circulation of judgments on the one hand, and consumer protection on the other, in light of relevant EU and national legislation and European Court of Justice and domestic case law. The challenges giving rise to these fields of research stem firstly from the similarities and differences of civil procedure across the EU Member States, and their impact on the recognition and enforcement of judgments. Moreover, while EU consumer law affords a number of substantive rights to consumers, the protection of these rights for individuals is often undermined as a consequence of the complexity and lack of knowledge in the Member States of EU consumer legislation and case law.

Stemming from a two-pronged study led by the MPI and undertaken for the European Commission, and engaging professors and researchers from universities and research institutes in over twelve EU Member States, these publications offer the most comprehensive, empirically-driven comparative investigation of national civil procedure thus far undertaken in Europe. Using an extensive dataset comprising hundreds of interviews and responses to a multi-language online survey, the publications examine the rules of civil procedure in all EU Member States, and identify their impact on mutual trust and the free movement of judgments and the protection of consumers under EU law.

Each volume is composed of five chapters written by leading scholars in the field; these in-depth evaluations are supported with the publication of a selection of responses from national reports drafted by experts in each of the twenty-right Member States. The tables of content for each publication can be found below.

Both volumes are of interest for all practitioners, academics and policymakers with a focus on judicial cooperation, civil justice and consumer protection, and will facilitate a better understanding of the impact of national procedural laws on cross-border dispute resolution in Europe and the effectiveness of EU consumer protection.

These books are available for purchase through C.H. Beck, Hart, Nomos. The table of contents may be downloaded here (Volume I and Volume II).