“Where are the best law professors teaching?”

Max Planck Lecture Series
16:00 / 13 January 2016
Speaker: Professor Marco Ventoruzzo

Marco Ventoruzzo is Professor of Law at Bocconi University in Milan (Italy), and at Penn State Dickinson School of Law (U.S.A.), where he teaches corporations and securities regulation. He has been director of the Institute in 2012 and 2013, and of the Ph.D. in Business Law of Bocconi University. He is the Vice Director of the Paolo Baffi Center at Bocconi University, and a research affiliate of the ECGI. Professor Ventoruzzo holds a B.A. in Business and Economics from Bocconi University, a J.D. from Università di Milano, an LL.M. from Yale Law School and a Ph.D. from Università di Brescia. He has taught and lectured at many law schools in Europe, the U.S. and Asia; and has written extensively in the field of business law. He is a member of the managing boards of the Rivista delle società and of the European Company and Financial Law Review.

Professor Ventoruzzo’s full CV can be downloaded here.

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