Max Planck Fellowship

The Max Planck Fellowship addresses legal questions concerning financial regulation and especially disclosure of financial and non-financial information (ESG) by listed issuers. The object of research of this research group includes in particular enforcement in the field of capital and financial markets. Attention will be devoted to the field of investment funds for which Luxembourg is an attractive location. One important aspect of the research is to evaluate the effectiveness of administrative sanctions in selected jurisdictions in the European Union and in the United Kingdom, also taking into account the experience in the United States (U.S) and Canada.

Procedural law relating to enforcement is included as well in the research. From a procedural perspective, experiences from the U.S. are of particular interest, e.g. the so-called “securities litigation”, as well as the practice of U.S. courts to substitute (missing) legislation by negotiated settlements – “regulation through litigation” is in fact an often used (but not always questioned) buzzword of the last decade. In Europe, however, national competent authorities are considered to be more suitable guarantors of the public interest than law firms and other profit-oriented operators in the market. However, this approach, which relies heavily on administrative enforcement, raises the issue of compensation of investors’ losses and coordination with private enforcement.