Max Planck Law Fellowship

Max Planck Law Fellows are distinguished international scholars nominated by at least two directors from different institutes across the Max Planck Law network. Max Planck Law Fellows pursue innovative interdisciplinary research projects that enhance and enrich the collaboration between the law-related Max Planck Institutes and, at the same time, expand and deepen those Institutes’ international corporations. The multi-year projects permit each Fellow to form and lead a research group that will break new ground while connecting different fields of law and related disciplines.

Prof. Valerie Rosoux (Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research | Catholic University of Louvain - UCLouvain) was nominated to be a Fellow of the Max Planck Graduate Center - Max Planck Law by Prof. Hélène Ruiz Fabri (MPI for Procedural Law) and Prof. Marie-Claire Foblets (MPI for Social Anthropology) and was appointed to this position in 2021.

Professor Valérie Rosoux