Professor Shotaro Hamamoto

University of Kyoto

LL.B. (Kyoto), LL.M. (Kyoto), Docteur en droit (Paris II). Professor of the Law of International Organizations, Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University. Professeur invité, Paris I (2009) and Sciences Po de Paris (2012). Senior Fellow, Centre for International Governance and Innovation, Ottawa (2015- ). Counsel and Advocate for the Japanese Government in Whaling in the Antarctica (ICJ, Australia v. Japan, New Zealand intervening, 2010-), Hoshinmaru (ITLOS, Japan v. Russia, 2007), and Tomimaru (ITLOS, Japan v. Russia, 2007). Assistant for the Spanish Government in Fisheries Jurisdiction (ICJ, Spain v. Canada, 1997-98).Japanese Representative to the UNCITRAL WG II (Arbitration/Conciliation) (2010-) and to the OECD Investment Committee (2011). Arbitrator, Japan Sports Arbitration Agency (2008-). Fields of research: theory of international law, international dispute settlement, law of the sea, international investment law, international sports law, and institutional law of the European Union.