Professor Young Joo Ham

Professor Young Joo Ham

Chung-Ang University, Seoul

Born in 1965, Korea (South Korea)

Member of amendment committee of Korea securities and fair trade class actions, Korea Ministry of Justice.
Visiting Scholar, Chamber of Jack B. Weinstein in the U.S. Eastern District Court of New York.
General director/Law Journal Editor, Korea Civil Procedure Association (KCPA).
Associate Mediator(accredited), Singapore Mediation Center.
Editorial director, The Association of Korea Civil Judgment Enforcement Law & The Korean Society of Mediation Studies (KSMS).
Full time researcher, the Department of Judicial Policy Office of the Supreme Court of Korea.
Mediator, Seoul Central District Court & Seoul Metropolitan City complex building mediation committee.

Publications: Introduction to dispute resolution, 2nd edition, Jin-won Sa (publishing co.), Individual Justice in Mass Tort Litigation (Korean translation; Author: Judge Jack B. Weinstein), Bubwon Gongbosa (publishing co.).

Current research theme: A study on the judicial procedure and procedural principles of EU dispute resolution system.