Professor Javier L. Ochoa Muñoz

Central University of Venezuela

Javier L. Ochoa Muñoz holds an LLM and a PhD from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) (Caracas).  His PhD thesis on Access to Justice and Foreign Judgments from the Global Governance Perspective, was awarded with mention of excellence, and for which he received the prize for the best grade thesis awarded by the Venezuelan Academy of Social and Political Sciences.

He is a Professor of Private International Law and member of the Academic Board of the Master Program on Private International Law (UCV). He has been an invited professor to the Course on International Law, organized by the Organization of American States (OAS), Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, in 2014 and 2019. He was also a Visiting Research Scholar at American University (Washington DC) in 1999.

He is a Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law and an active member of the American Association of Private International Law (ASADIP).

Alongside his scholar activities he focuses on transnational civil litigation as a practitioner and consultant.

He is also editor of the website dedicated to transnational litigation.He is a codrafter of the Venezuelan Draft Code of Civil Procedure (2016) and the Venezuelan Draft of Assets from Corruption Recovery Bill (2018).

His publications are related mainly to transnational civil litigation and access to justice.
As he proposed and codrafted the ASADIP Principles on Transnational Access to Justice (TRANSJUS) he is now working on its comments. Therefore his research in Luxembourg concerns to an extensive comments on the TRANSJUS.