Professor Yumiko Nakanishi

Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo)

Yumiko Nakanishi is Professor of European Union Law at Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo(

She studied European law at Hitotsubashi university and University of Münster (Germany). She got Master of Law (Hitotsubashi University 1993), Magister Legum (University of Münster 1995) and Doctor of law (University of Münster 1998).

She is founder and representative of Hitotsubashi Association of European Union Law. She is also chief editor of Review of European Law (Shinzansha ISSN 2424-0915). She is a Member of the Board of Directors of the European Union Studies Association-Japan, Member of Japan Association of Environmental Law and Policy, Member of Japanese Society of International Law and European Society of International Law.

She has been interested in the EU’s competence. Her fields of research are EU constitutional law, EU environmental law and EU external relations law. Her current research project at Max Planck Institute Luxembourg is EU procedural law and citizens and companies under the EU law.

Her books and articles are enumerated under