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Michel Erpelding awarded SFDI’s Jacques Mourgeon Prize

On 31 May 2018, the Société française pour le droit international (SFDI) awarded Michel Erpelding, Senior Research Fellow at the MPI Luxembourg, the 2018 Jacques Mourgeon Prize for the published version of his doctoral thesis.
The Jacques Mourgeon Prize is one of two annual prizes awarded by the SFDI. It was established in 1998 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Initially known as 'Prix des droits de l'homme', it has been renamed in 2005 after its fou...

Out now: The Private-Public Divide in International Dispute Resolution - The 2017 Hague Lecture of Professor Burkhard Hess has been published in Recueil des Cours 388 pg. 49‑266

The 2017 Hague Lecture addresses dispute resolution in international cases from the classical perspective of the private-public divide. This distinction is known in almost all legal systems of the world and it operates in both domestic and in international settings. The main focus of the Lecture relates to overlapping remedies available under private international and public international law. The Lecture maps out the growing landscape of modern dispute resolution, where a multitude of courts an...

The Legitimacy of International Trade Courts and Tribunals (new book)

Co-edited by Professor Ruiz Fabri, the present book explores the legitimacy concerns arising from existing institutional structures and presents a cross-cutting study of adjudication legitimacy. The volume gathers contributions from experts in regional adjudicators of trade disputes. It is published by Cambridge University Press.

Max Planck Institute Luxembourg on SSRN

The MPI Luxembourg is proud to announce the launch of its Research Paper Series on SSRN’s eLibrary. The series gathers preprints as well as intermediary research reports in the field of procedural law. All manuscripts may be downloaded by individuals, for their own use, subject to the ordinary copyright rules.

Setting up a case law database

On 26 February, the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg hosted an international workshop about the management of judicial databases, with the downstream objective of creating a database on cross-border enforcement cases.