Latest News

The Implementation of the New Insolvency Regulation (new book)

Following the entry into force of the new Insolvency Regulation across the European Union in June 2017, MPI Luxembourg has released a book guiding practitioners and national lawmakers through the implementation of the new rules.

Approaches to Procedural Law. The Pluralism of Methods (new book)

The present book is the final outcome of the Post-Doctoral Summer School that the MPI Luxembourg co-organised with the International Association of Procedural Law in 2016. It gathers the contributions of the participating students and law professors coming from different jurisdictions.

Le droit international antiesclavagiste des « nations civilisées » 1815-1945 (new book)

In his new book, Michel Erpelding, Senior Research Fellow at MPI Luxembourg, explores the origins of international antislavery norms before the international human rights law emerged in the aftermath of the Second World War.

IMPRS-SDR Biannual Seminar

Doctoral candidates of the International Max Planck Research School for Successful Dispute Resolution in International Law (IMPRS-SDR) presented their research at MPI Luxembourg.

International conference on the Versailles Peace Treaty

About a century after the end of the Great War, the MPI Luxembourg brought together researchers from universities worldwide to the conference “Peace Through Law: The Versailles Peace Treaty and dispute settlement after WWI”. Organised under the patronage of the Ambassadors of France and Germany in the Grand Duchy, the conference was designed to investigate this milestone in history and its impact on the current judicial system.